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Welcome to the homepage of MC De Gigantjes. We are a small motorclub in the center of Belgium but with a strong international character.
Not only in our members but also in the area's we visit. We consider the whole of Europe as our territory and we like to drive as much as we can.
We drive all kinds of bikes, from super sports to touring machines and classic bikes to off roaders. We have, however a strong feeling towards European machines.
Other than that,we have one thing in common... We drive. No matter what. Summer, winter. Rain or sunshine.

Being a Gigantje has nothing to do with what kind of bike you own or even how you ride it. It has to do with the way you're thinking about biking and the ability
to put everything aside and just "go for it". Or as we put it, just skip diner for the next curve.

To make things less complicated, we abandoned all official nominations and therefore, we are the only Motor Club without a president, treasurer, road captain,
clubhouse, whatever committee or anybody else who can ruin the fun. No rules, no admission, no fees!

On this site, you can find some more information and pictures
from some trips and also some use full links.



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